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R. Jeanette Martin

Some 600,000 Canadians have a conviction for simple possession of marijuana – and cops are still busting people despite the fact legalization is just around the corner more


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Why hasn’t cannabis been a leader in gender equality? Cannabis has a long tradition, after all, of social conscience, and in an age when gender diversity in business is becoming openly talked about, why hasn’t that translated statistically? more


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Cheol Joon Baek

A not-so-short list of who's making a killing on legalization more



R. Jeanette Martin

As college and university administrators ponder the federal legislation's implications, students are pushing for cannabis education and medical marijuana coverage more




Inspired by Barcelona's cannabis social clubs, licensed pop-up aims to grow Toronto's emerging craft cannabis scene while giving closet stoners a place to hang and get high with strangers more



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If Mayor Tory is willing to “consider anything” to stem overdose emergency he must call for an end to marijuana dispensary raids because the science-based evidence is in: cannabis can save lives more

News media strategy takes aim at prejudices that force pot users to keep their activities hidden more


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There are good reasons for a retroactive pardon on all marijuana convictions and at least one Liberal MP says it's an issue the government "should be picking up" more


Libs' marijuana legalization tour touches down in the Big Smoke and things quickly get wacky. Message to Justin: dude, the hypocrisy is becoming a little too hard to take. more



R. Jeanette Martin

Licensed producers muse about opening their own storefront operations while tough new penalties on drug impaired driving raise legal questions for medpot patients more



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There are still many details to work out – like on taxation and packaging for edibles – what the recreational use of weed will look like in Canada once legislation is formally passed in July 2018 is a little less hazy. more