As weed goes corporate, so might its relationship with musicians and artists. How Canadian pot regulations, marketing laws and criminalization of people of colour will affect music and cannabis. more



If you’re not the homemaker type, don’t despair. There are a number of easy recipes to make cookies and brownies without having to go through the complicated steps of carbonating your weed. more


Pot paraphernalia has come a long way since the days of rolling and growing your own more



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Celebrate the last 420 before cannabis legalization in Canada with a big ol’ joint at one of these green events, including a party at Nathan Phillips Square, a block party in Kensington Market and a comedy night at Yongesterdam Lounge. more



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The 2018 edition of the healthy lifestyle expo is going extra green with an expanded focus on marijuana called Cannaspace more



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Thick twice about smoking weed in a condo. Some condo boards in Toronto are moving to ban recreational marijuana smoke ahead of the Canadian government's legalization legislation. more

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Why hasn’t cannabis been a leader in gender equality? Cannabis has a long tradition, after all, of social conscience, and in an age when gender diversity in business is becoming openly talked about, why hasn’t that translated statistically? more


Mettrum Facilities in Bowmanville

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Canada’s weed stocks seem like a sure bet, but some investors are beginning to warn of a hazy market that shows signs of entering “deep bubble territory.” more


Bilzerian says that he’s aiming to turn his brands into “the fucking Coca-Cola of the fucking weed industry,” but he could find himself in a tricky spot with Canadian securities regulators more



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Consumer demand for cannabis-centric systems is also high more


Despite marijuana being a legally prescribed medication, few patients are able to receive coverage through benefit plans creating a financial incentive to substitute medical cannabis for addictive opioid-based drugs more


Mettrum Facilities in Bowmanville

Cheol Joon Baek

However, what the job market will look like for graduates of Niagara College's one-year program is still hazy more


Toronto's former chief is not the only ex-cop or politician to want to profit from legal marijuana, but he may be the biggest hypocrite among them more



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If Mayor Tory is willing to “consider anything” to stem overdose emergency he must call for an end to marijuana dispensary raids because the science-based evidence is in: cannabis can save lives more


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Time to redress the harm done to thousands of Black youth who have life-limiting criminal records because of pot more

News media strategy takes aim at prejudices that force pot users to keep their activities hidden more



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Soon, cannabis will be legal for recreational use. But that doesn't mean you can smoke or grow it wherever you want: Reasonable Doubt more


Beloved rockers pair up with Brantford cannabis company Newstrike more



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The main concerns are safety and staff training after a string of robberies hit Toronto dispensaries, say union representatives more