R. Jeanette Martin

Opt-out clause in the province’s privatization plans for legal weed will allow underground market to flourish – not to mention, leave medpot patients high and dry Read more




Our federal lawmakers continue to adhere to faulty science on roadside drug testing because it’s easier to quell the concerns of the anti-marijuana lobby than admit we don't have a way of catching marijuana-impaired drivers Read more


Mettrum Facilities in Bowmanville

Cheol Joon Baek

A not-so-short list of who's making a killing on legalization Read more


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R. Jeanette Martin

Their future in the marijuana movement would seem hazier after high-profile convictions, but don’t bet on Jodie and Marc Emery fading away Read more


Weeding out the dudes in suits: meet the new crop of players shaking up diversity in Canada’s cannabis industry Read more

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After spending millions on enforcement, Ontario remains unable to stop the wave of social change – cannabis culture is blossoming in Toronto. And with elections in the offing, there’s still time to truly free the weed Read more

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Jodie Emery calls social media storm a "witch hunt," but for those in cannabis circles fighting for a more socially conscious and equitable industry, Prince of Pot's recent Facebook blast is another blow to a movement fighting for legitimacy Read more

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Like marijuana, kratom has many different strains and up until recently could be bought in local head shops, but now Health Canada is ordering the product off shelves Read more

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Paul Salvatori

There are good reasons for a retroactive pardon on all marijuana convictions and at least one Liberal MP says it's an issue the government "should be picking up" Read more

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