Mark Streeter

Toronto jazz pianist Thompson Egbo-Egbo, an alumnus of Dixon Hall Music School in Regent Park, tells us about its importance in a changing – though still vulnerable – neighbourhood. Read more


Album review: Clips, the first album billed to the Brodie West Quintet, is a testament to the versatility that can be found in a jazz group with a ton of chemistry. Read more

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lonely parade.jpg

S. Garfield

Concert review: Lonely Parade at the Baby G in Toronto. The Montreal-and-Sudbury-based trio fought through gear trouble to deliver a short and powerful set that followed the weirdo aerobics of T-Rextasy. Read more

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Double Double Land has closed after nine years in Kensington Market. The DIY venue threw one last show with Mary Ocher, Lief Hall, Bile Sister and the Canadian Romantic. Read more



Arden Wray

Album review: The new record from Toronto singer/songwriter L Con (aka Lisa Conway), Insecurities In Being, is moody and complex, and it arrives fully on its own terms. Read more

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Sloan at CMW 2018.

Natalia Manzocco

Canadian Music Week 2018: read reviews of Sloan, Alice Glass, Belly, The Beaches, Un Blonde and more from CMW's final weekend. Read more

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Samuel Engelking

CMW reviews so far: Cupcakke, Nate Husser, Lydia Lunch, Jaunt, Yonatan Gat, Moscow Apartment, and more from the Toronto music festival Canadian Music Week. Read more

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Slowpitch Sound by Claire Harvie.jpg

Claire Harvie

Live At The Music Gallery launches today with newly released recordings by Merganzer, New Chance, Nukariik, SlowPitchSound, Dialectica and Glen Hall's Rub Out The Word Read more


On Art of the Uncarved Block's new cassette, bands like Triples, Humanities and Low Sun bring pre-internet aesthetics into the urgent, noisy present Read more

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OBUXUM teaser.jpg

Yung Yemi

The city's underground scenes are rising fast and these six artists are primed for impact Read more

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Eye To Eye, the first LP from Toronto's Steven Foster and his band, fixes stadium grandiosity onto dense, idiosyncratic guitar pop songs Read more

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Witch Prophet


"I wanted people to be excited about the homegrown talent and abundance of women in our scene." Read more



Sarah Rix

From the sweaty end of the Silver Dollar to an unprecedented gathering of Indigenous folk legends, these were the bucket list shows of the year Read more

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The personal was political this year, a theme reflected in NOW music critics' collaborative list of top releases Read more

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Mark ONeill

Kelly Clarkson, Cardi B, Jessie Reyez and Fifth Harmony were flawless. The TV taping? Not so much Read more

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Deliluh teaser.jpg

Colin Medley

Kyle Knapp's slacker rock band celebrates its ultra-local west-end Toronto scene in their new music video, premiering exclusively here Read more



Kyle Knapp

The Toronto post-punk trio have been one of the most intense live bands in the city for years Read more


With many smaller venues under threat, the historic concert hall is using its institutional status to provide space for young artists Read more


The Toronto-via-Vancouver trio ring with tone and buzz with velocity on their brief but satisfying new album Read more

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