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Eliot Lee Hazel

In this interview, Cat Power's Chan Marshall tells us what her life has been like in the last six years before her latest album Wanderer. “Oh my god,” she says. “Okay. You ready?” Read more



Matt Williams

On her new album Angels Of Death, Toronto singer/songwriter Jennifer Castle battles against the finality of death and sends a comforting message down the line. In this interview, she goes deep into her writing process. Read more


The Jersey punk band’s fifth album employs their infrequently used weapon: ballistic folk with traditional arrangements. Read more

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It's unlikely any of these songs will stick with you past Super Bowl Sunday Read more

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Samuel Engelking

The inclusive, no-commitment choir has become a channel for collective grief and celebration, and they're using their influence for good Read more


The Toronto band has crafted one of the best local debut albums of the year Read more

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With an incisive take on the complexity of desire, anxiety and confusion, Annie Clark captures what it's like to live in this present Read more

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The Whitby singer/songwriter brings Bon Iver to mind, but his meticulous arrangements and gorgeous melodies set him apart from the indie folk pack Read more

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Broken Social Scene

Neil Van

Charles Spearin, Brendan Canning and Kevin Drew talk album five, hiatuses and resilience Read more



Dominick Mastrangelo

Including shopping in Kensington Market for "show pants" and sampling "a bunch of different kinds of weed" Read more


The singer-songwriter's gorgeous 80s rock-indebted production is too often undermined by clichéd songwriting Read more

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Heather Pollock

The country rockers returned to the family basement to record their 10th album Read more


When it came to live music, it was a year of bucket-list shows, arena spectacles and unexpected farewells Read more

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Local R&B had a great year, live shows mattered, and homegrown success is totally possible Read more

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The protest music on the Canadian singer-songwriter's 37th album is more painful than powerful Read more

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Matt Williams

If you haven't heard of FRIGS, The Garrys and Lisa LeBlanc, now you know Read more