Where does Bell and its Let’s Talk campaign fit in with premier's description of mental health patients as "nutcases" and "animals"? Read more


The website that rails against “identity politics,” “foreign-funded environmentalists” and “far-left Antifa terrorists” tears a page out of Ontario Proud's political advocacy playbook to push populist agenda Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Following a negative review of Venom, film critic and programmer Sarah-Tai Black became the subject of racist and misogynistic attacks reminiscent of the online campaigns directed at Leslie Jones and Kelly Marie Tran Read more

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Paul Salvatori

Time for media and civic institutions to stop granting legitimacy to the Toronto tabloid while its columnists continue to demonize the "other" Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Instead of correcting for the deep social, economic and political disadvantages of racism and sexism, media compound them by ignoring racialized candidates Read more




A new Toronto-based collective of South Asian women called Didihood is building each other up through social media and face-to-face networking. Read more



Toronto Police Service

The case of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur highlights the thin line between crowdsourcing and retraumatization Read more


The quarterly publication will cover the Caribbean country's art, style and culture from a millennial point of view Read more



Eli C. Hiller

Media editor Craig Silverman shared some essential ideas at a design workshop Read more

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Vice media

"I'm prepared to take this as far as it needs to go," says the national security reporter – even though he's not optimistic about winning Read more


Gawker showed that gossip could be an effective weapon against the powerful Read more

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Canadian media should capitalize the B in Black people. Read more

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Organizing effort at growing and profitable online news outlet is part of a growing movement for journalistic autonomy being led by young journalists at digital newsrooms across the continent Read more




"We're about to put out a record, and we can't find one publicity firm in this country that has a roster of people of colour." Read more

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Most of the money drained by Postmedia from its newspapers went to its offshore debt-holders. Time to declare the news media a national strategic industry with tighter controls imposed against monopoly ownership. Read more

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Andrew Williamson / CJFE

Last year, sitting in an Egyptian prison, journalist Mohamed Fahmy could only dream of attending the CJFE gala. This year, he got to show up. Read more

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An event at Ryerson looked at the role that media plays in shaping conversations about sexual assault, rape and other forms of violence Read more

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Zach Ruiter

In a nation already highly susceptible to anti-Muslim sentiment, Sun News Network gave a platform to prejudice in the guise of news  Read more

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You won't see the gay bi-weekly in newsstands anymore, but what else will be sacrificed as it transitions fully into the digital world? Read more

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Photo by Perry King

FEVA TV's representatives challenge Fitzroy Gordon's claim to be launching Canada's first black TV station – say they were the first Read more

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    Georgia Kirkos

  • FRINGE2015BuckleMyShoe.jpg

    Georgia Kirkos