Melissa McCarthy

Andrea Berloff's directorial debut casts Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss as 70s mob wives who step up when their husbands go to prison, but it's a waste of everybody's time Read more


Go Sarah Polley Doug Liman

Courtesy of Doug Liman

The Toronto director/actor chats with director Doug Liman about their experiences making the cult crime comedy set in the late-90s L.A. rave scene Read more

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Snubs include If Beale Street Could Talk, First Man and Won't You Be My Neighbor? Read more

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Carlos Somonte

Alfonso Cuarón's Netflix film Roma won Best Picture and Best Director from the Toronto Film Critics Association. The TFCA also announced nominees for Rogers Best Canadian Film Award Read more

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Melissa McCarthy was born to play bestselling-author-turned-fraudster Lee Israel in this snappy, stylish film Read more


Melissa McCarthy is perfect as real-life literary fraudster Lee Israel Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2018

Brian Henson's buddy-cop movie features puppets who have sex with and murder each other, and somehow it's no fun at all Read more



Courtesy of TIFF

This year's festival could be the start of awards season match-ups between several actors, directors and film companies Read more

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Warner Bros/New Line

Melissa McCarthy delivers in this campus comedy about a mom who decides to finish her degree alongside her daughter Read more


Her new comedy is less a movie than a series of loosely connected sketches, but that's fine Read more