Louis C.K.: 2017

Cara Howe

At the first of seven sold-out shows at Yuk Yuk's, the mostly white, male audience ate up jokes about sexual misconduct, Asians, gays and Justin Trudeau Read more

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Wah Wah Wah at SummerWorks, 2019

Photo by Tanja-Tiziana

Celia Green's powerful solo show is a fresh, inventive take on questions around harassment in the post #MeToo era Read more

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Radheyan Simonpillai

The campaign to activate change on sexual violence in Canada and the federal government are collaborating on a $2.8 million online resource for workers Read more

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Alex Dallas, writer/actor, Fringe 2019

Photo by Denise Grant

When Donald Trump called Stormy Daniels "Horseface" on Twitter, the UK-born artist knew she had the name for her new solo show Read more


The writer/director's lazy riff on his breakout spy thriller La Femme Nikita feels even creepier in light of recent accusations Read more

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Johanna Fateman Andrea Dworkin

Andrea Dworkin photo by Robert Giard/copyright Jonathan Silin

Art critic and Le Tigre co-founder Johanna Fateman helps put the second-wave feminist writer back in the conversation with Last Days At Hot Slit Read more


Beautiful Man at the Factory Theatre

Photo by Joseph Michael Photography

Erin Shields's satire about female characters in film and TV feels especially urgent, especially after the #MeToo movement Read more


The premier punts question posed in the Legislature about workplace sexual assault incident involving Ontario Securities Commission and brought to his office's attention last year Read more


Amy Lee Lavoie's timely play about the morning after a one-nighter is complex, convincing and powerfully performed Read more


Plus, a crumpled $5 bill for #MeToo and getting a handle on hate Read more

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Hillary Di Menna

I was raising money for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre after our funding got cut by the province leaving a paltry $1 million funding boost to be divided between 42 centres in Ontario after the previous Wynne government promised an extra $4 million Read more


After one of his MPPs was forced to resign last fall, the premier said there would be zero tolerance for sexual misconduct under his watch, but that's not what happened when I went to his office looking for closure on my own workplace sexual assault Read more


Women's March TO, Jan 21, 2017


Celebrate women’s rights and gender equality at these panels, parties, concerts and more Read more




After more than a year of sustained media coverage, sexual assault remains prevalent but at least the reporting of abuse has gone up Read more


As young activists we admired him, but many in the cannabis community had long heard whispers of the other stories about Marc Emery's predatory behaviour toward much younger women Read more


Women March On: Toronto 2019


Thousands of protestors descended onto Nathan Phillips Square for Women March On: Toronto. Read more

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Anonymously written play based on real events is essential viewing in the aftermath of #MeToo Read more




Powerful men continue to be called out for their bad behaviour by the global movement reborn a little over a year ago to expose sexual violence against women – we’ve only just seen the beginning Read more



Courtesy of Netflix

From Nanette to White Guys Matter, here are the international and local stand-up stories that made news this year Read more



Ryan Green/Universal

The latest entry in the horror franchise is being hailed as a slasher movie for the #MeToo era, but an earlier sequel essentially told the same story Read more

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