Adina Katz's intense solo show shines a powerful light on surviving sexual abuse more


Fact-based show about men's responses to #MeToo – performed by women – is enlightening but sometimes feels rushed more


Chvrches have just released their new album Love Is Dead, their poppiest and most political. Long before the #MeToo movement, Mayberry was calling out misogyny in the music industry, but now she's noticing small, incremental changes. more


ABC suddenly cancelled Roseanne Barr's sitcom and Jeffrey Tambor's New York Times interview drew attention to bad behaviour on set. Is this the next phase of Hollywood's reckoning? more

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A decade after she appeared on the cover of NOW as a member of Crystal Castles, the electro-punk star opens up about going solo, #MeToo and growing up in Toronto more


Cate Blanchett heads up the jury, the fest addresses #MeToo and Turkey's Nuri Bilge Ceylan goes for his fourth award more

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Jeremy Mimnagh

This three-hour exploration of sexuality features over-the-top action in its first half and thoughtful, intimate monologues in its second more


Local director takes down Hollywood's now most famous abuser of power for sexual gain – but drops the ball on the #MeToo movement more

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Nancy Schwartzman's account of the Steubenville, Ohio high school rape case is an urgent and necessary film in the #MeToo movement more



Samuel Engelking

The Toronto activist says collaborating on the film with director Kelly Showker "gave me my power back" more

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Funny and smart sketch show lampoons all sorts of amusing characters on the sexual spectrum more




From the opening night film, The Heat, to features about activists Mandi Gray, Nadia Murad and Madonna Thunder Hawk, this year's slate is full of strong female portraits more

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Samuel Engelking

As #MeToo shines a spotlight on toxic masculinity, do I have to throw out my record collection? more



Photos by Samuel Engelking

There's suddenly a lot of attention on U.S. Girls. Toronto’s Meg Remy is ­untangling ­America’s misogynist mess with lush disco grooves. The time is right for her subversive brand of political pop. Read our cover story interview here. more



Samuel Engelking

The rise of Jordan Peterson, men's right activists and toxic masculinity has made the need to examine what it means to be a man all the more urgent. Canadian authors, activists and artists are finally taking a critical look at redefining masculinity. more


Denise Donlon at the Junos 2018.jpg

CARAS/iPhoto Inc.

The Juno Awards took place last week, and at panels and concerts across Vancouver, conversations swirled around safety, diversity, inclusion and respect. Denise Donlon led a panel of 300 women. It feels like we're finally reaching a tipping point. more



George Pimentel

The #AfterMeToo movement started by Mia Kirshner, Freya Ravensbergen and Aisling Chin-Yee is pushing the country's screen industry to adopt a strong zero-tolerance policy against sexual assault in the workplace more

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John Furlong:Web.jpg

While other men of privilege across North America have been forced to resign over allegations of improper conduct, John Furlong continues to act as an ambassador for Canada's Olympic movement more



Andrew Cooper

Will movements to end violence against women have a wider impact on Hollywood culture? more

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The actor and Weinstein accuser seems perma-triggered in her angry memoir more