Michael Bryant


Donald McChristopher

The comical horror show that is the PC party of Ontario; plus, Bollywood and the dangers of Hindu nationalism more

Feb 7, 2018 2:39 PM Letters To The Editor

Michael Bryant and the politics of power; plus, Islam versus Islamism more

Jan 28, 2018 8:28 AM Letters To The Editor 9 Comments


Martin Reis

Second special prosecutor involved in dropping of criminal negligence charges against the former attorney general in 2009 death of cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard to be honoured with defence bar's highest award more

Oct 28, 2015 2:31 PM News 3 Comments


Wayne Scott

But after five years of efforts to shine the light on a flawed legal process, the tide has begun to turn in the case of cyclist killed in altercation with former attorney general Michael Bryant more

May 26, 2015 10:40 AM News 2 Comments

Testimony of Witness 9.12 puts different blush on death of bike courier killed in 2009 motor vehicle altercation with former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant more

Apr 6, 2015 8:34 AM News 18 Comments


Wayne Scott

Former attorney general targets panhandling law he says he should have abolished when he had the chance more

Dec 29, 2014 11:06 AM News 17 Comments