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"The global water crisis is about five years behind the climate crisis in people’s consciousness," says author Maude Barlow Read more

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The government denies it is moving away from conservation authority monitoring programs that would put water quality at risk Read more

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With small cells placed on every street and sidewalk, and right in front of people’s homes, everyone is going to be exposed to a much greater degree of radio frequency radiation than they are right now Read more



Koskie Minsky LLP's $550 million suit against Hershey alleges that the child labour and slavery prevalent in the company’s supply chain “are so abhorrent, that failure to disclose these practices amounts to a misrepresentation to Canadian consumers." Read more




Ontario already loses 71 hectares of farmland to urban purposes every day – the PCs' Bill 66 will open up one of the last vestiges of small-scale agriculture in the province to development Read more


Glyphosate is the most used herbicide in human history – since the arrival of genetically modified crops in the 1990s its use has exploded 15-fold Read more


An accident at Pickering could poison Lake Ontario and downstream communities as far away as Montreal, yet a provincial study promised in 2013 to look at the risks has yet to materialize Read more




Of all of the waves Trump is making over renegotiation of the trade deal, ending the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism is one issue environmentalists can agree on Read more


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Michelle Adelman

In 2010, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency accused Jones of selling a sheep with scrapie disease. Now, her future is still in limbo Read more

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Today’s industrial bakers turn flour into ready-to-eat loaves in as little as three hours, with the help of a long list of additives to slice baking times Read more

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Fired former Health Canada scientist is back battling to keep artificial growth hormones out of our milk Read more

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The FDA says the world's first genetically modified food animal is, but several American grocery chains have vowed not to stock the engineered fish Read more


Ontario Power Generation eyes Great Lakes for underground nuclear waste dump Read more




Mining sins in poor countries are likely to get worse under Trans-Pacific Partnership Read more

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Ontario's nuclear regulator is seeking an unprecedented 13-year licence to keep pumping out nuclear power, but what's good for the nuke industry may not be good for residents living within the impact zone of a severe accident Read more

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If Canada’s experience with trade rule violations under NAFTA is any clue, TPP just increased our vulnerability to claims from foreign-owned companies Read more

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The muzzling of government scientists isn't stopping the questions about GMO safety Read more

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Once thought safe enough to drink, the most popular weed killer on earth is increasingly difficult to avoid - and critics charge it's contributing to chronic illnesses Read more

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