Saddled with gendered conceptions of authenticity, today’s singer/songwriters blend fact and fiction in new and interesting ways Read more


It was an anxious year, and that was reflected in NOW's critics' 10 best albums from 2018, which alternated between amplifying our insecurities and soothing them. Read more

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Bao Ngo

Concert review: Mitski’s music has always been relatable, but the connection between audience and performer felt palpable at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall Read more

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John Londono

From local hardcore heroes to Halloween concerts to a lo-fi legend, these are the 20 Toronto concerts we can't wait to see in October. Read more

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Enigmatic Americana, cosmic jazz, Indigenous hip-hop and a lo-fi legend – these are the shows to catch this season Read more


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Bao Ngo

Indie singer/songwriter Mitski takes risks on her new genre-defying album Be The Cowboy and it pays off in a big way. Read more

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Ebru Yildiz

“It’s finally starting to feel like, instead of telling promoters and spaces what to do, we can finally give women of colour, queer women, trans women, non-binary women a platform that will slowly change that dynamic." Read more


And now she's bringing the songs she never intended to tour to Toronto Read more


June was crazy with music festivals, while July offers much in the way of once-in-a-lifetime concert experiences. Here's a handful of acts heating up Toronto's stadiums and clubs. Read more