NDP leadership

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Kevin Ritchie

The five-term Northern Ontario MP becomes second candidate to join race to replace Tom Mulcair during campaign kickoff at the Horsehoe Sunday Read more

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Party's preoccupation with the trivial is like the political edition of Groundhog Day Read more

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Michelle da Silva

Long-time NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo quits Parkdale seat and announces her "unofficial" run for the federal leadership while calling out federal party for attacks on rank and file who dumped Mulcair Read more



Michelle da Silva

The long-time NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park has tossed her hat in the ring – but refuses to pay the entry fee Read more


Fifty-two per cent of delegates vote to replace NDP leader at weekend convention in Edmonton that exposed deep divisions within the party Read more


Meanwhile, prairie delegates urge party members not to adopt the Leap Manifesto calling the document pushing a fossil-free future a "betrayal" of Albertans Read more

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Initial reaction among party's youth wing to leadership question suggests federal NDP leader has his work cut out for him at Edmonton convention Read more


His rhetoric has shifted left, but will the NDP leader articulate a vision ambitious enough for a grassroots eager to make Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis's manifesto official party policy at its weekend convention? Read more



Ethan Eisenberg

NDP leader takes "full responsibility" for election loss in open letter to party faithful, but were lapses and cautiousness really the problems that impeded the campaign or was it the vision itself? Read more

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