R. Jeanette Martin

Statistics Canada examination reveals that the absence of legal shops in the province is driving consumers back to the illicit market Read more


As well as the buildings that proudly represent our past, our definition of heritage must be broadened to embrace Indigenous history and the cultures of every part of the planet that Torontonians have come from Read more



Zach Ruiter

A reasoned and sensitive discussion of Israel and Palestine within the NDP could be a model for left-wing parties the world over – that would be a glorious thing Read more


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Michael Watier

The Ford campaign claimed that a takeover would cost $160 million per year, but recent estimates from the TTC set a much higher annual value: over $1 billion Read more


Fight for $15 We are the peple 2.JPG

Peter Biesterfeld

Some labour groups and community organizers insist that it is, but in union halls and workplaces across the province others say the strategy risks turning the labour movement into the bogeyman – which is just what Ford wants Read more



Peter Biesterfeld

“If you put too many ornaments on it, it’s going to fall over eventually.” Read more



Samuel Engelking

If the recent debate at council proves anything it's that the mayor just doesn't get it Read more


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Paul Salvatori

There are a few answers to that question – one has to do with the repeal of hate speech laws under Stephen Harper that arguably became the spark for the rise of white nationalist hate online that continues today Read more


Hands off Venezuela 2.jpg

Christian Peña

A primer on the posturing, propaganda and Canada's attempts to forestall a U.S. invasion of the oil-rich socialist experiment in South America Read more


Homeless-Sign.jpg Brooks

The mayor overlooks the reality that homelessness is often a cause of mental health problems – some homeless people spend years in Toronto's shelter system exposed to constant noise, chronic sleep deprivation and extreme stress Read more


Ontario Place-1-3.jpg

Richard Longley

Plus, the real reason there's a homelessness crisis in Toronto Read more

Letters To The Editor

Mettrum Facilities in Bowmanville

Cheol Joon Baek

Ford was supposed to be good for the legal bud business, but his government's policies are turning out to be mostly smoke and mirrors Read more


There are hard-working staff at the city and agencies that offer help, but we are under-resourced. We can administer oxygen and inject naloxone or offer kind words, but we can’t stretch $733 in social assistance to cover $1,200-per-month rent Read more


Maria Ressa.jpg

Courtesy of Toronto Public Library

Former CNN Asia correspondent Maria Ressa – one of four journalists named Time Magazine’s 2018 Person of the Year – warns that no democracy is immune from right-wing propaganda networks on social media Read more


Inside Seaton House 2.jpg

Justin Haynes

On a bad night, there are more than 700 men here. Some are coping with drug addiction. Some appear frightened and shell-shocked. (How could this happen to me?) Read more


Closed Dispensary on Spadina.JPG

Enzo DiMatteo

Plus, TransCanada versus Wet’suwet’en First Nation – who's land is it anyway? Read more

Letters To The Editor

Plus, a fundraiser for St. James Town food hub and an open house exploring the city's revitalization plans for Dufferin Grove Park round out this week's trio of best political events Read more



Cole Burston/getstock

Police unions are not opposed to doing away with carding, but want to hold onto the ability to stop and question people – even if they are not the subjects of a criminal investigation Read more


Desmond Cole, Jill Andrew, Julie Crooks, Jah Grey and Twysted Miyake-Mugler are working toward a city free from anti-Black racism Read more

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