Nightwood Theatre

An electric Streetcar Named Desire, an immersive Flick and a thoughtful School Girls top our list of the year's best plays and musicals Read more


Every Day She Rose, 2019

Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

Black Lives Matters’ action at Pride shatters a friendship in this of-the-moment play that asks all the right questions Read more


Another Brick In The Wall

Photo by Yves Renaud

From an opera based on a classic rock album to a site-specific production of Shakespeare's best-loved comedy, here, in chronological order, are some of the month's buzziest shows Read more

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Rick Miller at Dora Awards 2019

Photo by John Lauener

Despite inspiring acceptance speeches for shows like School Girls and Guarded Girls, the fact that the ceremony was held on a Tuesday – when many theatre artists are working – rather than a Monday was a slap in the face Read more

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Tess Degenstein (left), Selina Martin and Lisa Ryder in A Blow In The Face

Photo by Dahlia Katz

Lisa Ryder's play about postpartum depression is enhanced by superb performances, an impressive set and cool choreography Read more


Jocelyn Bioh's script about students at an exclusive girls' boarding school in 1980s Ghana tackles serious issues with humour and superb performances Read more


Director of hit plays like Grace and Lo (Or Dear Mr. Wells) says Toronto theatre is experiencing "an amazing moment with so much female leadership" Read more


Anonymously written play based on real events is essential viewing in the aftermath of #MeToo Read more


Collective creation gives raucous voice and unforgettable shape to six marginalized women's lives Read more


How an experimental Toronto play, which no one – including movie star Jodie Foster (!) – ever thought would make a movie, became one of the best, buzziest and timeliest TIFF premieres Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2018

Audrey Dwyer's powerful play about a Black woman reexamining the maid in To Kill A Mockingbird pushes lots of buttons Read more


John, Prince Hamlet and Our Town top NOW's list of the year's best Toronto shows Read more



Cylla von Tiedemann

Rose Napoli's drama about a young woman's affair with her teacher offers up complex characters and a painfully believable journey Read more



Jeremy Mimnagh

Ellie Moon's docuplay sparked by the Ghomeshi case is timely, personal and riveting – just leave time to talk about it with someone afterwards Read more

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Taylor Trowbridge

Our top picks for theatre, film, music, design and more on Thanksgiving weekend Read more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog


Samuel Engelking

Nightwood Theatre playwrights take major risks bringing the dialogue about sexual assault to the next level Read more



Cheol Joon Baek

Producers, the unsung heroes of the stage scene, speak out Read more



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>>> Diane Flacks’s probe of religion’s impact on women will make you think Read more



John Lauener

The storytelling’s unusual in each hour-long production Read more


Here are some of the brilliant people who are coming soon to a stage near you. You'll definitely be talking about them during intermission. Read more

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