NNNN 2020

Set in a small Quebec town, Louise Archambault’s film concerns the ends of things, and possibly the beginning of something else Read more


Laurie Nunn’s Netflix high school comedy tones down the nudity and creates a more intimate feel Read more


France’s Oscar-nominated film shows the humanity of all its characters Read more


Alfre Woodard is brilliant as a prison warden who has to lead prisoners to their deaths Read more

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Cunningham, Mongrel Media, 2019-2020

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Alla Kovgan’s beautifully constructed film about choreographer Merce Cunningham is cause for celebration Read more


Unlike so many sitcoms that grow formulaic with age, CBC's hit comedy has actually become smarter and wittier as it enters its final season Read more


New Eden Crave

Courtesy of Bell Media

Original Crave comedy series about two women who start an all-female cult in the 70s is a remarkably sharp commentary on TV truth Read more