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Zach Ruiter

A company spokesperson says it has "no plans" to phase out operations in Toronto despite air quality concerns in the neighbourhood Read more

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Courtesy Ontario Power Generation

Unbeknownst to most Canadians, the Darlington nuclear power plant 70 kilometres east of Toronto has been poised to play a not-so-small role in the U.S. race to weaponize space Read more

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Those, like Premier Ford, who support keeping Pickering running need to explain how they plan to safeguard the thousands of tonnes of potentially deadly waste already stored at the site Read more


The growing range of threats to aging, high-risk facilities like the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station now includes cyber attacks Read more

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An accident at Pickering could poison Lake Ontario and downstream communities as far away as Montreal, yet a provincial study promised in 2013 to look at the risks has yet to materialize Read more


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    Zach Ruiter