Olivia Chow

'I'm not going to pretend this is a normal campaign' Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

The NDP having been swept away by the Liberals, Olivia Chow vows to start over Read more

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In a downtown riding that symbolizes the NDP-Liberal divide, Adam Vaughan and Olivia Chow are like fighting parents forcing us to choose sides Read more

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Rejigged boundaries and vulnerable incumbents give Toronto its share of pivotal races. Here are five to start. Read more

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Jonathan Goldsbie

What is the right amount of attention to pay to the Islamophobes protesting Olivia Chow? Read more

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Former mayoral candidate will teach community organizing and activism at Ryerson Read more

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From Doug Ford rediscovering his family's Jewish roots to John Tory's denial of white privilege, it was an eventful year in political missteps Read more



David Hawe

Olivia Chow seemed unwilling to continue the conversation she had instigated on race, but at least it was a start Read more

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