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Mike Carter

Behind the scenes, key staffers are leaving and no one knows who’s in charge anymore – the trajectory is beginning to look a lot like the one that led to his late brother’s political demise. Read more

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Given the chaos and disorder gripping Queen’s Park, it’s hard not to feel wistful about the progressive course the former Grit leader set the province on before Doug Ford's PCs got elected and trashed the entire works Read more


Open for business? The Ford government and their big-business lobbies blame the introduction of a $14 minimum wage for the loss of 90,000 jobs in Ontario, but that's not what the real economic numbers show Read more


It’s extremely unlikely that Ford has spent any time studying the sex ed curriculum or its alternatives, but if liberals and academics support it, there has to be a problem Read more


Don't look now but it's Doug Ford, who's already lining up support among social conservatives in PC party ranks who abandoned Elliott during the 2015 leadership Read more

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