What’s a greater threat to the average Canadian: losing their job or the destabilization of vast areas of the world by drought, extreme weather and the resulting flood of environmental refugees? Read more


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Paul Salvatori

On its face, a good legal case could be made for construing the charges against Alek Minassian as terrorist offences, but there are serious practical considerations limiting the feasibility of such an approach Read more


All artists must contextualize their work for their audience because often the reasons why we create the things we create can have a larger impact than the product itself Read more

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Green Party of Ontario

Despite the relentless 24/7 campaigning that will take place during the Ontario election over the next month, many Ontarians only have the bandwidth to make a decision based on what they see and hear in televised leaders debates Read more


With the writ set to drop any day on the most important Ontario election in recent memory, we offer a primer on the main contenders, hot takes from the experts and a word on the Green Party Read more



Christian Peña

Toronto media have all covered, to one extent or another, the human rights abuse allegations against Barrick Gold – including widespread charges of sexual assault and killings abroad – yet all wrote glowing tributes to its founder in death Read more


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The Water Brothers

Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons and Starbucks have deliberately pawned off the end of life management of their products on to their customers and to municipalities Read more

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No politician has used the optics of “Black poverty” as a political tool to further solidify his image as the populist voice of the voiceless more than Doug Ford Read more


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Choel Joon Baek

For Singh, the stakes are bound to get higher – and the attacks worse – when the 2019 federal election news cycle begins Read more


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Following extensive studies and community consultations, the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services endorsed option 1, the only proposal recognizing Yonge’s potential to be a vibrant main street and a focal point for the dense mixed-use community. Read more


The growing range of threats to aging, high-risk facilities like the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station now includes cyber attacks Read more

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With less than 90 days until the election the Liberals will need to define the new PC leader and what the ballot question should be to beat him Read more

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The prison system in Canada is a large scale travesty of justice, a modern-day asylum and residential school where you go in wanting to kill yourself, and the conditions just make you want to kill yourself more Read more

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The sub-committee consists solely of representatives from the Jewish establishment who have historically viewed criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic Read more

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My settler family from Saskatchewan lived by a beautiful ethic: honour and care for the stranger – so what drove farmer Gerald Stanley to attack Indigenous youth seeking his help? Read more

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In the C-246 debate, I shied away from defending my veganism because I didn’t want to distract from my specific legislative effort. It was a missed opportunity Read more

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Zach Ruiter

In a nation already highly susceptible to anti-Muslim sentiment, Sun News Network gave a platform to prejudice in the guise of news  Read more

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