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School Girls; Or The African Mean Girls Play, 2019

Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri

The Brothers Size, Old Stock, School Girls and Dear Evan Hansen lead the pack in critics' roundup of the year's finest shows Read more


Musical about the death and legacy of a cult leader features stunning design elements, but flashbacks and lack of interaction take away from the experience Read more



Photographer: John Lauener

Life After and Jerusalem win big at the annual stage awards, and some presenters address #TimesUp and sex-ed in schools Read more


Jez Butterworth's epic play gets an energetic, immersive production, but it doesn't cast much of a lasting spell Read more

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Protected by his or her social media mask, the knowledgeable PhantomOfTheTarragon is calling out people and institutions, asking lots of essential questions and... getting decent reviews Read more


Two of Toronto's most experienced creators of immersive theatre discuss everything from finding a space, negotiating a price and making sure you don't get sued – or have your fake prop guns stolen Read more



Neil Silcox

The rotating cast brings fire to the many stories, though some tales are predictable Read more


Three linked tales span 400 years and look at the passions that that hold us together and drive us apart Read more



Cheol Joon Baek

As Mike Daisey's controversial Apple exposé The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs gets set to open here, fudged facts and all, Toronto's newest theatre wunderkind talks about truth, art and why this show must go on. Read more