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Idle No More

Cheol Joon Baek

Of all the events that have defined the last decade, the rise of the historic Idle No More movement would have to rank at the top of the list Read more


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Alex Tétreault Alex Tétreault - PMO/CPM

But Trudeau’s minority faces the dual challenge of trying to hold on to power and, at the same time, taking the necessary action to address climate change and the crises affecting Indigenous communities Read more


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Bernier’s positions on multiculturalism and immigration serve as important red flags in this election – they're not much different than Scheer's Read more


Canada’s denial of race-based genocide has allowed systemic violence against Indigenous women and girls in particular to continue in plain sight. The only question now should be what is Canada going to do about it? Read more

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Trudeau’s election platform should have been a warning sign of things to come – he pledged to respect our right to say no to development, while at the same time supporting the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion Read more


Looked at from a human rights framework, Canada is culpable for 15-year-old Indigenous girl's death – this may upset criminal law experts, mainstream political commentators and online haters, but sadly it is a fact Read more

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R. Jeanette Martin

It’s not just a few bad apples, Canada has a major problem with racism, abuse and sexualized violence when it comes to policing Indigenous communities Read more


This year, the federal government plans to spend half a billion dollars on events marking Canada's 150th anniversary, prompting a great deal of debate about its historical treatment of Indigenous peoples. Read more

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Kathryn Gaitens

The new prime minister's promises of reconciliation with First Nations may seem daunting, but the path has already been laid out for him by the Supreme Court of Canada Read more

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Kathryn Gaitens

First Nations represent Canadians' last best hope of stopping the mass destruction of our shared lands Read more