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Media pundits who still believe in Elmer the Elephant are lapping up assurances that change is nigh, but the truth is the mayor is just not that into the kind of radical shift needed to modernize policing. Read more

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Would he have made a meaningful difference had he won the chief's job, given Toronto police's resistance to change? Read more



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If the initial one-line announcement of his departure was odd, the superlatives in the Police Services Board's official statement were sarcastic praise for a man who was rejected for the chief's job Read more

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Decoding the resignation – and departing words – of (maybe) the last hope for policing reform in the city Read more


Leave taken by the deputy after sharp comments about a bloated police budget is clearest signal yet the force is not serious about reform – and it's back to the bad old days of policing in Hogtown under John Tory Read more

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