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If last week’s landslide Conservative election win in the UK tells us anything, it’s that a traditional left-wing Labour party will never win power in Britain again Read more



Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The clown prince of British politics and leading Brexit supporter, "Bojo" is the favourite to replace Theresa May – God help us Read more



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Last year was the highest on record in recent memory for suicides on the TTC Read more


Something seems to happen to people when getting a seat on a busy streetcar or train turns into a lottery Read more



Peter Watson

The old part of Havana is now a UNESCO heritage site and there are obvious attempts to keep the buildings from crumbling, but in the Cuban capital the signs of extreme poverty are always just around the corner Read more

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Murat Yazer

But you don’t have to look too far on social media to find posts about not letting “these” people into “our” country. Read more

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Peter Watson

The original coffin of pilot Dennis Noble, aged 20, was found to contain nothing but bricks to give the impression of weight Read more


I remember waving a plastic Union Jack less than 100 metres from where, years later, the IRA would place a 20-pound bomb Read more

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Peter Watson

The condo tsunami is heading west into Mimico Read more

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