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Samuel Engelking

Plus, that time Tom Wolfe and Marshall McLuhan had lunch in a topless bar Read more

Letters To The Editor

Family of Ajax man killed in altercation with Durham police in 2013 is threatening constitutional challenge if province refuses to make de-escalation training mandatory for officers Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

Toronto's Bryn Hendricks wants an alternative to the Pride Parade, but no one else seems to care Read more

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Declan Keogh

Members of Toronto's LGBTQ community crash police "Take Back The Park" event following sex sweep that's prompted comparisons to 80s bathhouse raids Read more

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Larry Thorne / Toronto Police Services

Chief does aboutface on militaristic colour scheme for new police cruisers – raising more questions about his judgment Read more

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Toronto Police

Are these devices really the answer to racial profiling or more about protecting cops? Read more

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Ethan Eisenberg

"Our action was in the tradition of resistance that is Pride. We didn’t halt progress; we made progress." Read more

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Michelle da Silva

Police Chief Saunders and city reps showcased a multitude of cannabis products at today's Project Claudia press conference, but they weren't able to demonstrate any harm that they've caused Read more

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The manager of a Toronto medical marijuana shop recounts how 15 police officers “barged in” to confiscate cannabis Read more

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Cheol Joon Baek

And he doesn’t even have a badge Read more

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Police say rising tensions in the Middle East and terrorism in Paris have led to a surge in attacks against the Muslim community in Toronto Read more


Threaten one of Canada’s richest corporations and you’ll have the police at your door Read more

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Michelle da Silva

Access to Information request reveals cops conducting thousands of “status checks” on undocumented immigrants, despite “don’t ask” policy Read more

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Michelle da Silva

Cops and politicians treated to dim sum lunch at press conference ahead of Chinese New Year Read more

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CP/Nathan Denette

The disturbing whiff of a cover-up hangs over the case of the Toronto cop charged in the 2013 killing of Sammy Yatim. After three months of often conflicting police testimony, here's a look at the more troubling revelations. Read more

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In certain ways, the world got worse this year. But in other respects, there was gradual tiptoeing toward justice and compassion, reasons to have hope amid the greater unease. Read more



Ajith Thala

A video posted to Facebook shows bystanders trying to stop an arrest outside a North York LCBO Read more

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Eight shots point-blank with hollow-point bullets. By any reasonable measure Toronto cop James Forcillo showed a disregard for the consequences of his actions when he killed Sammy Yatim, but is he guilty of murder? Read more

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How many of Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci's recommendations have been implemented since he filed his report in July 2014? Read more



Marta Iwanek/getstock

158 recommendations later, the force is still covering up for mishandling of people in distress Read more

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