The premier punts question posed in the Legislature about workplace sexual assault incident involving Ontario Securities Commission and brought to his office's attention last year Read more


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The “white genocide” messaging of the racist right has hit the mainstream, finding expression in both the anti-Muslim and alt-right movements – and many of its key figures are no longer hiding behind the veil of online anonymity Read more


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After Christchurch, it’s long past time to examine how mainstream media and political institutions in Canada have enabled the ideological swamp that gives rise to violent anti-Muslim threats Read more

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Throughout a month-long campaign race thick with vitriol, the former Harper-era cabinet minister has somehow managed to convince Albertans that all their troubles are someone else's fault. Read more


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Paul Salvatori

The action to demand meaningful change in government policies and mourn the deaths of more than 10,000 people claimed by the opioid crisis will coincide with 21 other demonstrations in towns and cities across the country. Read more


The NDP leader looks to break through nationally on the heels of a by-election win inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other left-wing candidates of colour recently elected to congress in the U.S. Read more


Mayor John Tory in SXSW

Radheyan Simonpillai

Following his talk at the Austin event, the mayor dismissed calls for data privacy protections to be put in place before Toronto proceeds with plans to build a smart city Read more


Institute for Future Legislators Ryerson

John Garrison

The Institute for Future Legislators Ryerson runs over three weekends in May and June and is open to anyone Read more


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Christian Peña

A primer on the posturing, propaganda and Canada's attempts to forestall a U.S. invasion of the oil-rich socialist experiment in South America Read more


The conference centred around new ways to organize and make change happen, also features former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and What Is Democracy? director Astra Taylor Read more


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Samuel Engelking

Toronto councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam reveals how an ambush videotaped by a political opponent turned her into the subject of sexist and racist attacks that culminated in death threats during last fall's municipal elections Read more


Multicultural AIDS Awareness Walk

Cheol Joon Baek

World AIDS Day commemorations on Saturday, December 1, and talks by pop-culture commentator Jesse Wente and former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin head up this week's list of can't-miss events Read more


When the Premier says things like, “There is no place in Ontario for anti-Semitism,” it’s hard not to feel a little sick to your stomach Read more


Far from discussing the intricacies of populism or defending free speech, the Munk Debates simply defended Steve Bannon’s right to yell “fire!” in a crowded theatre. Who won? Read more


When the project of using trade deals to create prosperity took control of the political agenda during the 1980s, Toronto and Canada had lots of factories and very few food banks – now we have lots of food banks and very few factories Read more


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Lindsay Barrowcliffe -Smallant Productions

When will progressive white men make room for progressive women and people of colour? Read more


All eyes have been on the mayor’s race, But it’s the battles for the city’s 25 council seats that will influence Toronto’s course over the next four years. Read more


Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) leader François Legault’s stunning election victory is another sign that hard right racism and Islamophobia is on the rise and Quebec is a central area for its growth Read more


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Michael Watier

The manner in which the Ford government has changed Toronto’s governing structure in the middle of an election says it all – we need to start recognizing the vulnerability of modern cities Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Sandro Lisi, one of several shady figures at the centre of the Rob Ford crack scandal, is running in Doug Ford's old Etobicoke North backyard – must be a coincidence Read more


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    Fire at the Grand Storehouse of the Tower of London