Those who know Scheer say he is a straight arrow, an honest guy – and if he was being completely honest with himself then he must have known that his continued leadership of the party had become untenable Read more


When the theatrical Trudeau mugs outlandishly as Aladdin he re-stages the stereotype of Black male lechery Read more


Sandy Hudson.jpg

Samuel Engelking

Many have said that when we consider Trudeau’s actions, we should consider them in light of his record – I agree. Read more

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A decade after a deadly incident involving my son Darcy Allan Sheppard, the former attorney general knows how to get attention for his journey of redemption Read more

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Richard Pierpoint

Illustration by Malcolm Jones

Plus, shit-talking Drake, cannabis legalization looks more like commercialization and outrageous Alberta opinions in our latest installment of Letters To The Editor Read more

Letters To The Editor

black history.jpg

Illustration by Malcolm Jones

It is a difficult political moment for Black people in Toronto to be asked (and to sit and watch) the city celebrate Emancipation Month Read more

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The website that rails against “identity politics,” “foreign-funded environmentalists” and “far-left Antifa terrorists” tears a page out of Ontario Proud's political advocacy playbook to push populist agenda Read more

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As climate deadlines near and politicians dare to mention fossil fuel bans, the need to ruthlessly defend Big Oil's sunken costs in the tar sands has put Alberta on a war footing – welcome to the petro-state Read more

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Jagmeet Singh 2.jpg

Cheol Joon Baek

Things haven't been perfect for the NDP leader, but in a time of inescapable hate and xenophobia he has made many people like me feel seen in ways that a non-racialized leader could never do Read more

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The premier takes his show on the road amid patronage scandal that's telling for what it reveals about the depth of the arrogance – and rot – that has infected his government Read more


Ford is reportedly set to dump finance minister Vic Fedeli, but what he really needs to do is get rid of chief of staff Dean French, his old Etobicoke pal who has been acting like Dr. Evil again Read more



Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The clown prince of British politics and leading Brexit supporter, "Bojo" is the favourite to replace Theresa May – God help us Read more


Ontario has had its populist moment and has had enough as Ford finds himself plummeting in public opinion polls Read more

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The premier punts question posed in the Legislature about workplace sexual assault incident involving Ontario Securities Commission and brought to his office's attention last year Read more


Dave_Selvers_Yellow_Vests_Canada (1).jpg


The “white genocide” messaging of the racist right has hit the mainstream, finding expression in both the anti-Muslim and alt-right movements – and many of its key figures are no longer hiding behind the veil of online anonymity Read more


19_Mar15-Vigil-027 (1).jpg


After Christchurch, it’s long past time to examine how mainstream media and political institutions in Canada have enabled the ideological swamp that gives rise to violent anti-Muslim threats Read more

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Throughout a month-long campaign race thick with vitriol, the former Harper-era cabinet minister has somehow managed to convince Albertans that all their troubles are someone else's fault. Read more


National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis_2.21.2017 (2 of 77).jpg

Paul Salvatori

The action to demand meaningful change in government policies and mourn the deaths of more than 10,000 people claimed by the opioid crisis will coincide with 21 other demonstrations in towns and cities across the country. Read more


The NDP leader looks to break through nationally on the heels of a by-election win inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other left-wing candidates of colour recently elected to congress in the U.S. Read more


Mayor John Tory in SXSW

Radheyan Simonpillai

Following his talk at the Austin event, the mayor dismissed calls for data privacy protections to be put in place before Toronto proceeds with plans to build a smart city Read more


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