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Of the $9.5 million allocated for new priorities in this year's budget, only $3.7 million will go to improve surface transit and this will be concentrated on five routes Read more



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The answer would seem obvious, but in 21st-century Toronto there are calls for it to carry social responsibility and competing goals can work against each other Read more

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There are 200 cities around the world with some form of free public transit, and 97 that are completely free Read more

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Sidewalk Labs

What company reps do not publicly discuss is the company’s drive toward using autonomous vehicles as a wedge to privatize, automate and deregulate Toronto’s waterfront. Read more


Plus, a crumpled $5 bill for #MeToo and getting a handle on hate Read more

Letters To The Editor

Provincial interference in Toronto transit has a history of being wrong – Ford's penchant for using government to benefit friends and clients can only make it worse Read more



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Last year was the highest on record in recent memory for suicides on the TTC Read more


There's another reason for Doug Ford’s enthusiasm to squash council’s influence – namely, his plot for the province to take control of public transit in Toronto Read more

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King Street pilot project

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The King Street Pilot project has so far been good for commuters Read more



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Photojournalist Larry Towell was granted rare access to shoot the construction process, now in its eighth year Read more


Now that the bar has been raised on transformative projects it is crucial to find a replacement who will continue the momentum Read more



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Tracks On Tracks features selections suitable for peak hours and late night and will be updated weekly with new music Read more


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Part of a global initiative, Books on the Transit wants to bring strangers together through books – but the TTC is not having it Read more


A tax on alcohol and levy on commercial parking lots are among the potential new revenue tools outlined in a report to be presented at today's executive committee meeting by City Manager Peter Wallace Read more

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    "Empty TTC subway seats, Toronto"

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    Gentrifying neighbourhoods like Leslieville make it harder to connect to nature in the city.