Queen Video

The Tape Escape, 2019

Photo by Neil Silcox

Trio of interactive experiences set in an old-school 90s video store takes you back to the future Read more


Queen Video Bloor West

Norman Wilner

The cinephile streaming service launches just as a Toronto DVD institution calls it quits – but it will be years before movie lovers can stream everything, if at all Read more

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The owners of Queen Video and Videoflicks explain how business has changed since the days of Blockbuster. Even though they're still here, I already miss the experience of discovering little-known flicks curated by fellow film buffs. Read more

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  • Queen Video Bloor West

    Norman Wilner

    Queen Video Bloor West

    After 38 years, Toronto indie video store Queen Video shuttered its Bloor West shop in April 2019.