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Plus, people of colour don’t have the luxury of hopping out of their skins to avoid carding by police; why booze is a bigger problem than meth in the queer community; and more vegan misconceptions Read more

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Police unions are not opposed to doing away with carding, but want to hold onto the ability to stop and question people – even if they are not the subjects of a criminal investigation Read more



Ethan Eisenberg

Black community’s opposition to Intersectionality Awareness Week was not about identity – it was about a vision for the city that should imagine us all Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Former chief Bill Blair was all for purging info collected on innocent people - most of them young Black men - during street checks, so why has Mark Saunders reneged? Read more



Cheol Joon Baek

By defaulting to the experiences of young Black men, the exposure of women and trans people to police harassment remains largely missing from public discussions of racial profiling Read more

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Supporting Kellie Leitch's Conservative Party leadership bid does not align with the values the Toronto Police Services Board chair espoused to me at the height of the storm around racial profiling Read more



Cheol Joon Baek

Ontario government's own statement reveals glaring dichotomy in new rules on police street checks  Read more



Michelle da Silva

Access to Information request reveals cops conducting thousands of “status checks” on undocumented immigrants, despite “don’t ask” policy Read more



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Top cop turned star Liberal candidate openly talks carding, saying he realized years ago the practice cost the force "a very high price." So why didn't he do anything about it? Read more