Race and class aren't properly accounted for in Toronto's environmental plan Read more

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Stop The Hate Rally_Nathan Phillips Square_Toronto_8.11.2018-18 PRINT.jpg

Paul Salvatori

We’re in a cultural cold war, yet no party has articulated a strategy to combat the growing problem of hate and those who spread it Read more

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soufis closed 1.jpg

Natalia Manzocco

Cafe opened by Syrian immigrants closes in the face of death threats after the owner's son was filmed with group confronting an elderly woman at an anti-Bernier rally Read more

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Adam Scotti (PMO)

The Blackface, Brownface controversy should be the wake-up call that Canada needs to put anti-racism at the top of election agenda Read more


Black, Indigenous and People of Colour have been asking white people to organize their own communities for decades – anti-racism work shouldn’t have to fall on their shoulders alone Read more


Jagmeet Singh 2.jpg

Cheol Joon Baek

Things haven't been perfect for the NDP leader, but in a time of inescapable hate and xenophobia he has made many people like me feel seen in ways that a non-racialized leader could never do Read more

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Tasha Hubbard  nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up

National Film Board of Canada

In nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up, Cree filmmaker Tasha Hubbard looks at the aftermath of the Colten Boushie verdict and the fight for justice reform Read more

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Throughout a month-long campaign race thick with vitriol, the former Harper-era cabinet minister has somehow managed to convince Albertans that all their troubles are someone else's fault. Read more


No Ban Demonstation 2_2.4.2017 (12 of 45).jpg

Paul Salvatori

The alleged assault of a Muslim studies researcher at a recent Toronto conference on "free speech" highlights the increasingly disturbing narrative around anti-Islamic attitudes – and even violence – in Canada Read more

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The social media giant's removal of white nationalist Faith Goldy from its platform was a litmus test, but the truth is it's only the tip of the iceberg of the threat posed by right-wing extremists in Canada Read more


Pegida Rally.jpg

Christian Peña

Extremists experience “strength” in constructing an enemy whom they falsely perceive as a threat. It is a narrative in which they are the fictitious hero, the lone wolf fighting those who dare encroach on their culture, nation, civilization. Read more


Demonstration Clash_Nathan Phillips Square_Toronto_10.21.2017 (12 of 32).jpg

Paul Salvatori

There are a few answers to that question – one has to do with the repeal of hate speech laws under Stephen Harper that arguably became the spark for the rise of white nationalist hate online that continues today Read more


CineCycle.jpg Connors

A fundraiser is hoping to restore CineCycle and owner Martin Heath's reputation – and financial losses upwards of $10,000 – after artist Taja Nicholle accused the underground cinema and arts hub of racism in August 2018 Read more


WEB_Sarah Tai-Black.jpg

Samuel Engelking

Following a negative review of Venom, film critic and programmer Sarah-Tai Black became the subject of racist and misogynistic attacks reminiscent of the online campaigns directed at Leslie Jones and Kelly Marie Tran Read more

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kalsang_dolma 2-21.jpg

Lindsay Barrowcliffe -Smallant Productions

When will progressive white men make room for progressive women and people of colour? Read more


White supremacy, racism and xenophobia are on the rise again, but this time a sitting premier is cavorting with them Read more


WEB_Ijeoma Oluo_8744-Edit.jpg

Samuel Engelking

Following the success of her debut book So You Want To Talk About Race, the Seattle-based writer is exploring racial landscapes in Toronto and beyond Read more


WEB_Mayoral Debates_Saron Gebresellassi_ 2018-8624.jpg

Samuel Engelking

Instead of correcting for the deep social, economic and political disadvantages of racism and sexism, media compound them by ignoring racialized candidates Read more


Colin Kaepernick:NFL players take a knee.jpg

Only the first stanza of John Stafford Smith’s composition makes up the anthem – other stanzas of the song recognizing the birth of a nation expose the hypocrisy of slavery that lie at its core Read more



Jalani Morgan

Open letter from an ad-hoc group of physicians and public health researchers says Tory's use of incendiary language on gun violence stokes racism and poses public health risk for racialized communities Read more


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    Paul Salvatori

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    Screen capture from Winter 2019 edition of Your Ward News.

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    Jacob Scheier