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Only the first stanza of John Stafford Smith’s composition makes up the anthem – other stanzas of the song recognizing the birth of a nation expose the hypocrisy of slavery that lie at its core more



Jalani Morgan

Open letter from an ad-hoc group of physicians and public health researchers says Tory's use of incendiary language on gun violence stokes racism and poses public health risk for racialized communities more


These days there are plenty of Trump-inspired #MakeOntarioGreatAgain Joe Blows on social media contributing to a radical anti-Muslim shift in the political discourse in Canada more


ABC suddenly cancelled Roseanne Barr's sitcom and Jeffrey Tambor's New York Times interview drew attention to bad behaviour on set. Is this the next phase of Hollywood's reckoning? more

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Scarborough-raised author's epistolary book follows in a long line of essays about race and politics, but adds Canadian context more


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Alyssa K. Faoro/Institute for Canadian Citizenship

The racially tinged nationalism being pushed by far-right movements in Canada is that so-called “old-stock” Canadians are somehow more Canadian simply because they are white and European more


Now the controversy over Hong Shing restaurant comes along to remind us that it’s not just white-owned establishments practicing discrimination against us, but also other people of colour more


People are urging Yuk Yuk's Toronto to cancel a comedy show called White Guys Matter hosted by Aaron Berg that promises only white male comedians and jokes about race, religion and sexism more

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The R&B artist's exchange with Jeanne Beker on the CBC literary competition was pure drama, and perhaps the kind that can bring about a reckoning more



Michael Watier

The inflexibility of the structures of the Toronto police and its civilian overseers on the Toronto Police Service Board, does not – cannot – allow for the democratic civic engagement and analysis necessary to realize constructive change more


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Choel Joon Baek

For Singh, the stakes are bound to get higher – and the attacks worse – when the 2019 federal election news cycle begins more




Kevin Johnston, a fixture at anti-Muslim protests that want of "Islamization" of Canada a "creeping Sharia law," faces willful promotion of hate charges next month more


It was “bring your own conical straw hat” at #LovesUsNot’s Stir Fry night more



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Indie publisher BookThug's temporary name change to Book*Hug contains a valuable lesson for cities and cultural institution more


Why an all-white jury's acquittal of Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley on second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of young Indigenous man amounts to a continuation of cultural genocide more


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Paul Salvatori

Newer faces among the usual anti-Muslim suspects hints at splintering of support among far-right groups, say anti-racism activists more


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Stacy Lee

Robyn Maynard's book debunks the myth of Canada as a multicultural beacon of tolerance more



Samuel Engelking

Over the weekend, thousands rallied against white supremacy in Toronto more

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Michelle da Silva

Demonstration planned in response to "Toronto Nationalist Rally" demands repeal of Safe Third Country Agreement and brings to the fore issues of white allyship in combating racism more


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Chris Rattan

Rexdale consultation into School Resource Officer Program hears of increases in arrests of students and newcomers being turned over to immigration officials more