The city’s underground electronic scene often exists in siloed subgenres, but Red Bull Music Festival's Encounters party brings them together at the Symes. ISO Radio will live-stream it. Read more

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Two days after the 18th anniversary of its launch, Toronto hip-hop radio station Flow 93-5 has re-adopted the moniker it's used since 2001. Read more


Mark Wigmore's Art at the End of the World

Art at the End of the World

Former Jazz.FM host Mark Wigmore launches a new long-form podcast, Art At The End Of The World. Shifting terrain will be a running theme on Wigmore’s 10-part podcast with guests like Jordan Officer, Chris Locke, Karen Robinson and Cameron Bailey. Read more


Dani Elwell, Garvia Bailey and Heather Bambrick, all recently of Jazz.FM91, are behind the new JAZZCAST stream. Expect podcasts, live performances, interviews and more. Read more



Courtesy of Pop-Up Magazine

Pop-Up Magazine, a show that recreates the experience of reading a general-interest magazine for an audience, is coming to Toronto for the first time Read more


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Sponsored feature: presented by Soulpepper Theatre Company Read more

Digital Residency Soulpepper Spotlight

Adulis “Chedo” Mokanan


How the hip-hop broadcaster and podcaster started from the bottom – or at least the graveyard time slot – and worked his way up to big interviews, Manifesto programming and book publishing Read more


The wonderfully weird, now defunct CBC radio show is being resurrected for one night at Winter Garden Theatre. Ahead of the event, the delightful host tells us about moving to New York, WireTap's success and what to expect on his new podcast Read more


“The Flow brand was overwhelmingly known for street hip-hop and old-school R&B, and playing pop under that umbrella was just not gonna work,” operations manager Steve Parsons says. Read more

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