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Hillary Di Menna

I was raising money for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre after our funding got cut by the province leaving a paltry $1 million funding boost to be divided between 42 centres in Ontario after the previous Wynne government promised an extra $4 million Read more


Anonymously written play based on real events is essential viewing in the aftermath of #MeToo Read more




Powerful men continue to be called out for their bad behaviour by the global movement reborn a little over a year ago to expose sexual violence against women – we’ve only just seen the beginning Read more



Samuel Engelking

The Toronto activist says collaborating on the film with director Kelly Showker "gave me my power back" Read more

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Michelle da Silva

The rally and march created a safe space for survivors of sexual violence to stand and be heard Read more

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How many pissed-off activists will it take to affect change? We sit on panels and committees with police, lawyers and bureaucrats to provide solutions, education and training while those in well-paid positions outnumber – and ignore – us Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Toronto activists sound off on what’s next in the fight against sexual violence – and why real change must involve men and happen offline Read more

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The ad, which was placed in washrooms at York University for frosh week, is being taken down Read more

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There is a heralding of “new” judicial training and the difference it will make in sex assault cases, but let’s not be naive Read more

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The performance artist best known for protesting campus sexual violence says the way to healing is to “feel more” Read more

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Stories written by and for refugee and immigrant women help open a discussion on sexual harassment, assault and rape Read more



Courtesy of Toronto Police Services

Both Gavin MacMillan and Carasco Enzo De Jesus were arrested again on January 23, and are now charged with four counts of gang sexual assault and trafficking drugs Read more

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Birth Of A Nation was supposed to be the year’s big thing, but then everything changed Read more

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Mandi Gray

Michael Watier

Gray, co-founder of, challenged campuses across Canada to review and develop their sexual assault policies Read more

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“We’re really just trying to echo the language that Trump used and to stand in solidarity with the movement that exists in the U.S,” says co-organizer Kelsy Vivash. “It’s sort of a metaphorical pussy, if you will." Read more

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Paul Salvatori

Sixty-five-storey monument to Republican nominee’s masculinity becomes lightning rod for rage against rape culture Read more

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Black Women In Motion hosts a youth conference on changing attitudes about consent Read more

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Three women who have filed human rights complaints over their universities' handling of their sexual assault complaints tell their stories at Ryerson panel Read more

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Ben Spurr

This time, the standard shrill, outsize headlines and media coverage that perpetuate myths about sexual assault require careful unpacking and dissection Read more

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An event at Ryerson looked at the role that media plays in shaping conversations about sexual assault, rape and other forms of violence Read more

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