refugee crisis

Safety Orange Swimmers

Samantha Edwards

Boston artists Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier have placed 25 orange figures grasping onto floating inner tubes in Lake Ontario Read more

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Samuel Engelking

LGBTQ asylum seekers persevere in the face of legal aid cuts in Ontario that are making a tough situation even worse Read more


Ai Weiwei

Samuel Engelking

In his latest documentary, the Chinese artist and activist captures the political and psychological warfare that's being waged on refugees seeking safety in Europe Read more

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Ai Weiwei's powerful film looks at refugees from Syria and Afghanistan in Europe Read more


Free from house arrest, the Chinese artist travelled the world to make the documentary Human Flow Read more

Latest News & Features

Roof for Refugees Canada wants Toronto residents to consider renting out spare rooms or houses to Syrian refugees Read more


Maya Arulpragasam is determined to use her pop star status to change the way people think about refugees, question the rules of cultural appropriation and challenge digital colonialism Read more


The west-end food haunt opens its kitchen to newly arrived Syrian refugees holed up in hotel rooms Read more

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Organizers of an on online fundraiser plan to publish a free Welcome to Toronto colouring book in February Read more



The Clothing Drive

The volunteer-run Clothing Drive is hoping to raise $10,000 to secure a new space to store 900 bins of donated clothing Read more

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A community dinner, literary event, and choral performance are just a few events raising money for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Canada Read more

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Murat Yazar

Our response to the Syrian refugee crisis is looking eerily like the closed-border policy that turned away Jews escaping the Nazis before the Second World War  Read more

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No one can turn away from the enormity of our collective failure to help those fleeing war – it now stares us in the face in the form of the lifeless body of a toddler Read more