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Samuel Engelking

Renovations are the latest tactic landlords are using to illegally evict people renting Toronto apartments. Here's how some tenants fought back – and won. Read more


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Rignam Wangkhang

Individual tenants may not have the power or resources to take on their landlord alone, but there’s power in numbers Read more

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It used to be that anything built since 1991 was exempt from the province's rent control guidelines. Now, that has changed Read more

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Forcing a landlord to choose between operating a unit at a loss or selling it isn't an appropriate balancing of rights and obligations in Ontario's Residential Tenancies Act. Read more

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Rignam Wangkhang

After failed mediation attempt, a public meeting has been scheduled for February 22 as part of an effort to organize rent strike of tenants in other MetCap-owned buildings Read more