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Isitwendam Meegwun Fairbrother

Joe Bucci

Meegwun Fairbrother's solo show at Native Earth, about a Harper government official sent to discredit a residential school survivor, feels rushed Read more


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While other men of privilege across North America have been forced to resign over allegations of improper conduct, John Furlong continues to act as an ambassador for Canada's Olympic movement Read more

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But Truth and Reconciliation Commission report into residential schools goes further urging a change in the wording of the oath of citizenship to include a pledge to "faithfully observe" treaties with Indigenous Peoples Read more


Justin Trudeau travels to Labrador to deliver residential schools apology amid growing opposition to the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project that Inuit say will poison communities living downstream Read more


The Conservative leader has looked indecisive in dealing with the public backlash over Lynn Beyak and Rachael Harder storms, but the degree of nativist feeling among his base is far greater than we think Read more

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Susan G. Enberg

Survivors of notorious St. Anne’s Indian Residential School fight their way through the courts and Canada’s legacy of 150 years of colonial rule Read more

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I always thought I was the perfect Canadian, born on the first of July, half Native and half settler. But I hope there’s less controversy on my 150th. Read more

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School's namesake was a key supporter of the traumatizing residential school system Read more

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From the testimony of residential school students as told to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Read more

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How a trip with Indigenous leaders to Yad Vashem, Israel's museum of the Holocaust, was the beginning of my lesson on Canada's own crime against humanity Read more

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How can I in good conscience participate in a celebration in the face of the continued denial of their treaty claims and basic human rights? Read more

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Gord Downie at Roy Thomson Hall, October 21, 2016

Roy Thomson Hall | Jag Gundu

More than a concert, the event was a pointed appeal to Canadians to embrace our sullied history Read more

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Only 9.8 per cent of Indigenous peoples in Canada have a university degree, compared to 26.5 of non-Indigenous Canadians Read more

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David Hou

Two youngsters bond over a wild horse and a piece of native history Read more


Who died in residential schools, why they died and where they are buried are questions that have never been completely addressed or comprehensively documented by the Canadian government. Read more


If there were a T-shirt for residential school survivors, I’d suggest “To save the child we must destroy the Indian” Read more

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Irreverent humour provides an entry point into a discussion of residential schools Read more