Rinaldo Walcott

In the book BlackLife, authors Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi argue that incremental efforts to combat anti-Black racism won't work Read more


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Caitlin McCarthy

NOW editors pick the best stage, comedy, film, music, art and literary events showcasing the breadth of the African diaspora Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Individual legal supports and services for the city’s most marginalized will mark a departure from its African Canadian Legal Clinic predecessor Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Anti-Black Racism Network asks why evidence-obsessed Mayor John Tory supports a practice as empirically harmful and ineffectual as carding Read more


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Ethan Eisenberg

It's difficult not to notice how Black people now represent the face of a decision that is harmful to other Black people Read more



Ethan Eisenberg

Black community’s opposition to Intersectionality Awareness Week was not about identity – it was about a vision for the city that should imagine us all Read more


Black community allies have adopted the language of class to define the struggles experienced by young Black people, as if race and class are not so intertwined as to be one thing Read more

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Unfortunately, when it comes to relations between Black people and police, the mayor is not the man of evidence he claims to be Read more


Sadly, the ongoing rhetoric of having come so far has numbed many white mainstream queers into passivity Read more

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