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Canadian reggae singer Snow, who visited the Rob Ford's office in 2014, says he should have looked deeper into the late Toronto mayor's record Read more


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SXSW Festival report: Mayor John Tory has no plans to watch Run This Town, Grace Glowicki wins with Tito and Ricky Tollman talks Robyn Dolittle criticism Read more

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Run This Town, a fictionalized take on former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's crack-smoking scandal starring Ben Platt, Mena Massoud and Nina Dobrev, mostly sticks to the details and is a reminder – in more ways than one – that white male privilege rules Read more



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Toronto-shot film about the crack video scandal stars Ben Platt as a struggling reporter and Damien Lewis as the late mayor Read more

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Magic turns to malice now that Doug Ford has become the star attraction Read more



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Sandro Lisi, one of several shady figures at the centre of the Rob Ford crack scandal, is running in Doug Ford's old Etobicoke North backyard – must be a coincidence Read more


Dear Ontario voter, behind that shit-eating grin the truth is that Doug Ford's political career has been about promoting Doug Ford. You may not care to hear that, but it’s worth considering since Doug did say this election is about trust, right? Read more


Damian Lewis has been cast as former Toronto mayor Rob Ford in a Toronto-filmed movie about his crack cocaine scandal called Run This Town. Dear Evan Hansen's Ben Platt will play a young reporter who isn't Robyn Doolittle. Read more

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Latest Ford fiasco illustrates that on issues of race, Tory's own record is one of, at times, dubious distinction Read more

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The better option for Doug would have been to run for the PCs in Etobicoke North, but the PCs don't want him Read more

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This year's edition moves to the Scotiabank Theatre with a stronger lineup and an instantly controversial closer Read more

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Hot on the heels of a sold-out screening at Canadian Film Fest, we're showing the controversial film at The Royal Read more

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It will get weirder and it will get worse. Read more

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He's never been shy about riding his little brother's political coattails, now he's got his eye on the PM's job (seriously) and a book deal to rewrite the history of Ford Nation to bankroll his next move Read more

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Bruised but unbowed: Ford Nation gathers again for the first time after the death of its infamous namesake Read more

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No longer facing an extortion charge for his efforts to obtain the Rob Ford video, the former mayor's mysterious pal opens up just a crack Read more

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Ford didn't quite say the offensive things he was reported to have said Read more

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He caught lightning in a bottle and for a time was untouchable, but Rob Ford was more media creation than political phenomenon Read more

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"You’re the mayor of Toronto. You can’t be delivering subs." Read more

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"The mainstream media tended to dismiss Trump’s racism, homophobia and misogyny (and that of some of his supporters) – or at least were reluctant to call it what it was." Read more

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