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Kirk Hammett ROM Frankenstein

Jesse Milns

With his It's Alive exhibition, the guitar god brings nerd culture to a venerated cultural institution Read more

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Most Torontonians aren't going to museums. To attract new visitors, the Art Gallery of Ontario is making admission free all year for some and cheaper for others Read more

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Norman Takeuchi Interior Revisited

Courtesy of the ROM / Brian Boyle

The Royal Ontario Museum's exhibition Being Japanese Canadian: Reflections On A Broken World sets out to disrupt the colonial narrative Read more

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Matt Wiebe/Flickr

A new program launching in January allows doctors to prescribe passes to the Royal Ontario Museum to treat anxiety and depression. Read more




In our Chill Winter Guide, find 50 of the best cultural, arts, music, food and outdoor events happening in Toronto from November 2018 to March 2019. Read more

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Succession Raghubir Singh

The museum tackles sexual assault allegations against influential photographer Raghubir Singh – and reframes his work in the process Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Amsterdam-based couturier Iris van Herpen's sculptural dresses are inspired by snakes, skydiving and electromagnetic waves Read more

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The best art and books events for summer 2018 include the Iris van Harpen and Philip Beesley exhibition at the ROM, The Art of Banksy and disaster capitalism with Naomi Klein. Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Find over 60 events including concerts, food festivals, outdoor movies and more in NOW's annual Hot Summer Guide. Read more

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D'bi Young-54-flat-2.jpg

[u'Don Dixon', u'photographer']

Here are a few events that highlight the diversity of expression coming from the African diaspora Read more


Sign Dawit L Petros_Crop.jpg

Courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum

Wonderfully subversive exhibition resists the idea that viewers must walk away with an easy grasp of Black Canadian identity Read more

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ROM Dior 02.jpg

Michelle da Silva

The haute couture house's 70th anniversary provides a springboard for discussion on gender, mass consumption and our current political climate Read more


Here We Are Here will open on January 27 and showcase the work of nine artists Read more


Wanda Nanibush Georgina Uhlyarik AGO.jpg

Samuel Engelking

The gallery has appointed a curator of Indigenous art, but there is still a dearth of Indigenous voices in leadership roles at major institutions across Canada Read more

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Grill-covered Peephole.jpg

Creator Robert Jan van Pelt's display uses relatively new area of forensic architecture to understand human rights abuses, in this case, genocide Read more


Folks from the Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery contribute new work about where Canada has come from, what it is now and where it's going. Read more



Kelly Boutsalis

The continued popularity of drag queens reading books to children aligns nicely with the Ontario curriculum's new emphasis on diverse gender identities Read more


For Canada On Screen, TIFF presents seminal film/video installations by Stan Douglas, Vera Frenkel, Rodney Graham and more Read more




Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story features one of two blue whales washed ashore in Newfoundland Read more


Artist acknowledges the museum's apology for Into The Heart Of Africa but warns that Canada still has a colonial legacy to deal with Read more