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Provincial interference in Toronto transit has a history of being wrong – Ford's penchant for using government to benefit friends and clients can only make it worse Read more


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The Ford campaign claimed that a takeover would cost $160 million per year, but recent estimates from the TTC set a much higher annual value: over $1 billion Read more



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The last time the province entered into a public-private partnership with another transportation asset – Highway 407 – taxpayers got stuck with a toll road only the well-off can afford to use Read more


There's another reason for Doug Ford’s enthusiasm to squash council’s influence – namely, his plot for the province to take control of public transit in Toronto Read more

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Martin Reis

Rather than going long and thinking big, we saw a huge effort go into a couple of wards where there are progressive councillors, while the rest of the corridor is neglected Read more


Mayor John Tory leading us down the wrong tracks Read more

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Company picked to manage construction of contentious project even though it's still being studied Read more


New report breaks down the amount of cash Toronto has decided to flush down the toilet Read more

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