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Canadian soldiers are directly involved in training Iraqi security forces that have killed more than 250 people involved in anti-government protests in recent months Read more



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The NATO brain trust has determined that yet more young Iraqi males need to learn to be soldiers – and Canadian soldiers have been tasked with this fool’s errand Read more


For Canadians in the "hang ‘em high" camp, the former child soldier is viewed as a traitor and deserves no pity, but it's important to remove emotion and analyze the actual facts of his case. Read more


To call Khadr a terrorist or murderer is ludicrous in the extreme – the incident that led to his capture was clearly a firefight with distinct combatants on both sides. Nobody was out to terrorize anybody. Read more

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Fearful of invoking the ire of the orange-haired bully, many a Canadian defence pundit has urged the Liberals to more than double defence budget Read more

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We promised liberation but turned the country into another stronghold for Islamic extremists Read more

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Aaron Driver's death follows a steady trend of thwarted so-called terror attacks in Canada, which reportedly had bloodthirsty objectives but no actual real means to commit them Read more

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The Harper Conservatives sent our military to fight wars we could not win Read more

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The list of those allied with Canada includes Hezbollah, Shiite militias and Iranian military advisers – all evil-doers in the PM’s books Read more

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Harper’s PR foray into the Middle East did give us a glimpse of how complex this conflict really is Read more

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Latest shocker on Forces' misogynist culture comes two decades after calls for independent office to deal with complaints Read more



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Disappointingly, not even questions about the death of a Canadian soldier by friendly fire has managed to generate detailed public interest in what is the most complex conflict in our history Read more

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Former cop billed as a brother-in-arms of combat vets seemed a strong choice to head Veterans Affairs until his trademark wrath got in the way Read more

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Media-fuelled speculation caused widespread panic when a lone gunamn took Parliament Hill – what’s going to happen if we face a real sophisticated attack like 9/11? Read more

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Given the complexity of the Iraq mosaic one has to question why Canada's leaders feel it necessary to plunge our troops into a fight against the latest terror bogeyman Read more


DND's denial that soldiers coming back from Afghanistan are committing suicide at an alarming rate just doesn't hold up Read more