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These web series, fact sheets and workshops are aimed at parents who want to have engaging conversations with their kids on consent, gender, sexuality and more Read more



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Under siege in his own party and doing badly in the polls, the new curriculum paints Ford as a moderate eager to get on with more pressing challenges facing his government Read more

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Badhaai Ho could help normalize frank sex talk, especially in light of sex-ed curriculum debates among Toronto’s South Asian communities Read more

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Includes a film satirizing Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum and an art exhibition on folks without basic income Read more


While Ford’s sex-ed snitch line will no doubt be used anonymously by bigots, it’s intended for another purpose: to create a useful crisis in the education system, much like the PC government of Mike Harris did in 1995 Read more


It’s extremely unlikely that Ford has spent any time studying the sex ed curriculum or its alternatives, but if liberals and academics support it, there has to be a problem Read more


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Doug Ford may have scrapped the progressive sex-ed curriculum, but activists are creating resources for teachers and parents Read more



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In response to Doug Ford’s replacement of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum with on from 1998, protestors read the curriculum aloud on the front lawns of Queen's Park Read more



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The success of the LGBTQ poster campaign Hall of Justice, running in Toronto schools and exhibiting during Pride, suggests support for progressive sex-ed Read more


Home-schooled, 19-year-old Sam Oosterhoff's by-election win leaves PC leader trying to court the gay vote with Bible-belt MPP who embraces a theology far to the right of even conservative Christianity Read more

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From death threats to misguided media reports, there’s a long list of difficult challenges facing progressive activists of Muslim background in the west. Read more

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New details to emerge in recent days on sex-ed dust-up suggest Ontario PC leader has a touch of Machiavellian about him – or he's one of the luckiest politicians around Read more

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Donald McChristopher

Letter to Scarborough voters saying PC leader would scrap sex-ed curriculum smells like sabotage by social conservatives in party ranks Read more

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Zach Ruiter

Ontario’s curriculum controversy has empowered a home-schooling community that rejects what modern Canada represents Read more

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Groups opposed to the province's new health curriculum continue to fuel a conspiratorial anti-gay conversation that has been brewing ever since our first female and lesbian premier took power Read more

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