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Win for Sex Workers

Cheol Joon Baek

Sex worker advocates say human trafficking claims are being used by bylaw enforcement officers and police to carry out “excessive, unnecessary and discriminative inspections and prosecutions” of body rub parlours and holistic centres Read more


Men's rights-themed online crusade attracts some of the internet's most toxic misogynists and white nationalists Read more



Samuel Engelking

The trans singer, comic, club owner and sex work activist's résumé is way more interesting than yours – and it's all in her new memoir Read more


At Aura Dolls, men will be able to act out their dark, violent fantasies on realistic sex dolls Read more

Love and Sex

Bill C36

Cheol Joon Baek

Why it’s important – and safer – for sex workers to be able to advertise their services Read more

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Plus: Don’t foist drag on kids Read more

Savage Love & Astrology

Mary Wept Over The Feet Of Jesus argues that the Bible has been censored and misinterpreted Read more

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Erich Saide

As an advocate I've been trained not to betray emotions to the media, but I'm optimistic about Trudeau's new justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould Read more

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Conservatives' Bill C-36 harshly criticized for not protecting sex workers Read more

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As someone who gets paid to pretend to enjoy having sex on television, you can imagine how confusing Dunham's position on prostitution is to those of us who actually do sex work for a living Read more

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Douglas Hunter

Fucking My Way Back Home is a "sex worker dystopia" – a warning of what could be with the new laws in place Read more

Movies & TV

One of the things that distinguishes real sex workers' lives is the dangerous swarm of moral, political and legal authorities feeding off the conflation of our work and trafficking Read more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog


Reynaldo Vasconcelos/CP photo

Migrant sex workers' group aims to counter myths of "rescue industry" Read more

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"Sexual violence against sex workers happens way too often within the downtown east and South Riverdale community. The criminalization of sex work increases the risks of violence by forcing sex workers to work in unsafe environments..." Read more

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Zach Ruiter

Protesters say system has failed Edmonton woman found dead in a motel bathtub Read more


NOW signs on with more than 10 organizations urging the government not to enforce new sex work laws and to develop new policies that promote health, safety and human rights Read more

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PrideHouse Toronto panel discusses how to make the city a safer place for sex workers and street-involved people fearing heightened police presence during the Games Read more

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Zoran Milich/Getty Images

Budget pressures and concerns about sex worker safety - not to mention the constitutionality of the new law - are pushing progressive police forces across the country to evaluate their enforcement approach Read more

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Even those who have no other choices Read more


  • Win for Sex Workers

    Cheol Joon Baek

    Win for Sex Workers

    A few dozen activists and supporters gathered at Allan Gardens on Friday, December 20th to celebrate of the Supreme Court of Canada's get rid of three prostitution laws to provide more safety, equality and rights for sex workers.