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Matt Gallagher's doc about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is intriguing because it focuses on a local case Read more


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Kyle Bono Kaplan

The director of the Emmy-nominated film talks changing conversations around child sex abuse, shooting rape scenes and #MeToo's next frontier Read more

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Adina Katz's intense solo show shines a powerful light on surviving sexual abuse Read more


Documentarian Jennifer Fox’s feature debut stars Laura Dern as a filmmaker who begins to question her memories of childhood abuse Read more


Powerful doc looks at two Argentine cousins who survived nightmarish sexual abuse as children Read more



Michelle da Silva

Of the small percentage of incidents of sexual violence that are brought to trial, only half end in convictions Read more

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If we did, the male-dominated entertainment and arts industries would give way to more women's voices Read more

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Michelle da Silva

The rally and march created a safe space for survivors of sexual violence to stand and be heard Read more

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More than half of Canadian women have experienced sexual harassment at work Read more



Samuel Engelking

Toronto activists sound off on what’s next in the fight against sexual violence – and why real change must involve men and happen offline Read more

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Don’t buy the argument that smaller abuses aren’t harmful – there is a spectrum of abuse, and it has to be acknowledged Read more

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For all the research, listening and reading I’ve done on the issue of sexual assault, this unrelenting memoir made me realize I still haven’t grasped the impact of abuse Read more

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Instead of considering the damage caused by enforced abstinence, the Church's requirement for clergy to be celibate has made child sexual abuse all the more likely Read more

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Stories written by and for refugee and immigrant women help open a discussion on sexual harassment, assault and rape Read more


Her themes are a bit opaque, but the performance artist is always entertaining Read more




If you or someone you know needs to break their lease because of an abusive or violent relationship, the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act has been amended to make this easier. Read more

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Kathryn Borel did what police, lawyers, Crown attorneys and judges ­refused to do: she held Jian Ghomeshi publicly accountable. Now let’s take our resistance in more creative directions Read more

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For women, acting "normal" often means playing nice, accepting the blame and otherwise protecting men – a cultural practice so well established that it might be in our DNA. Read more

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It’s a mystery that Crown prosecutors don’t regularly call on experts to testify about the reams of ­research on why sexually assaulted women stay in relationships or erase them from memory Read more

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The media watching in the courtroom gasped in disbelief when the first complainant in the sexual assault trial of the century seemed so unguarded against defence tactics. But it’s not a fair fight; she’s alone. Read more

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