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Plus: I'm short and single – can I call out women for being shallow? Read more

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Radheyan Simonpillai

The campaign to activate change on sexual violence in Canada and the federal government are collaborating on a $2.8 million online resource for workers Read more

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The premier punts question posed in the Legislature about workplace sexual assault incident involving Ontario Securities Commission and brought to his office's attention last year Read more


After one of his MPPs was forced to resign last fall, the premier said there would be zero tolerance for sexual misconduct under his watch, but that's not what happened when I went to his office looking for closure on my own workplace sexual assault Read more




After more than a year of sustained media coverage, sexual assault remains prevalent but at least the reporting of abuse has gone up Read more




Powerful men continue to be called out for their bad behaviour by the global movement reborn a little over a year ago to expose sexual violence against women – we’ve only just seen the beginning Read more




Oscar winner Geena Davis, director Amma Asante, #AfterMeToo cofounder Mia Kirshner and others spoke about combatting gender inequality in the movie industry Read more

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Kyle Bono Kaplan

The director of the Emmy-nominated film talks changing conversations around child sex abuse, shooting rape scenes and #MeToo's next frontier Read more

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Succession Raghubir Singh

The museum tackles sexual assault allegations against influential photographer Raghubir Singh – and reframes his work in the process Read more

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Jacob Hoggard of Hedley has been charged with sexual interference and two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm, according to a release by the Toronto Police Service Read more


People are urging Yuk Yuk's Toronto to cancel a comedy show called White Guys Matter hosted by Aaron Berg that promises only white male comedians and jokes about race, religion and sexism Read more

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George Pimentel

The #AfterMeToo movement started by Mia Kirshner, Freya Ravensbergen and Aisling Chin-Yee is pushing the country's screen industry to adopt a strong zero-tolerance policy against sexual assault in the workplace Read more

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Nic Pouliot

Nearly a dozen shows have been relocated from the College Street music venue after one of the club's owners was arrested in February Read more

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The actor and Weinstein accuser seems perma-triggered in her angry memoir Read more


Stories of sexual assault are an all-to-familiar reality for homeless women resorting to sleeping in unsafe spaces because of overcrowding in the shelter system Read more

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The celebrated author has come under fire for her defense of former UBC professor Steven Galloway in her latest piece in the Globe and Mail Read more

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Courtesy of the artist

A photograph on display in U of T's Figures Of Sleep exhibition is a reminder that dozing off in a park should not be an act of defiance Read more


If you’re a man who’s getting anxious about how to behave with women, that’s a good sign – it’s time to question everything Read more

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Golden Globes 2018

Hollywood Foreign Press Association

As the #MeToo movement gained momentum, the harasser-in-chief’s name was not mentioned once at the Golden Globe Awards Read more

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Centennial College makes the industry-developed SHIFT program mandatory Read more

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