Killjoys season 5 Hannah John-Kamen

Amanda Matlovich

Season five of the cult Space series about pansexual bounty hunters recaptures the chemistry of characters the audience knows better than they know themselves Read more

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doom patrol

Warner Bros. Television

Now available on Space and Crave, the Titans spin-off is willing to bend the rules of superhero television and get very, very strange Read more

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Michael Gibson/CBS

After introducing new characters and new mysteries, the sci-fi series risks stalling out with a pivot back to its worst storylines Read more


Doctor Who.jpg

Courtesy of Bell Media

The long-running sci-fi series remains remarkably traditional, but the time-traveling scientist's gender changes the game in almost every way Read more

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The new Doctor lands in Toronto for a chat about new friends, new challenges, the annoyance of secrecy and the joy of change Read more

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Courtesy of Bell Media

Wynonna Earp and Killjoys – both returning for new seasons this week – feature gay characters who simply inhabit the same worlds as everybody else Read more

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Toronto-shot sci-fi series doesn't feature villains, in order to encourage viewers to empathize with three sides in an interplanetary conflict Read more

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    Steaming Melting Earth in space. Global Warming