Stephen Harper

He’s not quite “the killer” Stephen Harper was and – some in his party say – not quite ready to be Prime Minister Read more

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Time for everyone to lose their illusions. Facts don’t matter anymore, folks. It’s the Ford shit show now. Read more


The Conservative leader has called for an investigation into the party's handling of sexual assault allegations against former MP Rick Dykstra during the 2015 campaign – is it possible he didn’t know? Read more

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The fallout from the “Unite The Right” chaos in Charlottesville has turned into something quite unexpected: a wake-up call for Conservatives, but only a purge of the Harper-era old guard will save the party from itself Read more

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Fear not, friends, battle-hardened activists north of the 49th picked up some valuable lessons from fighting our press-hating, government-scientist-muzzling former prime minister Read more

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Political power remains in the hands of those who have an easier time voting – older, white, educated Canadians with money Read more

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"Racism works because white privilege is real, and if I was a white man, why the fuck would I want to give it up?" Read more

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This year is already just a little bit better than 2015 in that we need no longer seriously concern ourselves with these people Read more



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The Harper Conservatives sent our military to fight wars we could not win Read more

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Jason Ransom

Despite the mess made of Canada's armed forces, the Conservatives have maintained a near impregnable image as unquestioning supporters of the military Read more

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More concerning to Albertan progressives than a high Conservative seat count, is the drop in federal NDP support to 6 per cent below 2011 levels Read more



Zach Ruiter

Stephen Harper and the Ford Brothers have apparently reached a point where they need each other. Read more

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No need to worry, we are told, because “You’re richer than you think.” But for most young people economic malaise is all we have known all our adult life. Read more


Despite my desire to believe that contemporary Canadian politics is more nuanced than a make-believe galaxy far away, I find myself falling back on Star Wars metaphors when discussing the election with my 10-year-old Read more

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If the Cons win a minority - perish the thought - Canadians better pray the current Harper-appointed governor general, David Johnston, will do his duty and allow opposition parties to form a new government Read more


What's it like being a long shot candidate? The Green party's Daniel Stein discovers on his first foray into federal politics that fear of Harper is like a pox on all our houses – then the money ran out Read more


Plus: Made-in-Canada refugee crisis Read more

Letters To The Editor

PM promises to do "more of everything" to bring more Syrians fleeing war to Canada after lifeless body of drowned three-year-old Alan Kurdi shocks the world – meanwhile hundreds of nationals already here face deportation Read more

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Ethan Eisenberg

In the first debate of the federal election, party leaders couldn't agree who among them had ruined / is ruining / would ruin Canada the worst. Read more