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The second big-screen run at King's most emotionally harrowing book settles for mashing up an Insidious movie and a Ring sequel Read more



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Critic Angelo Muredda's series devoted to films about "uncanny children" revisits the 1984 adaptation of Stephen King's Firestarter starring Drew Barrymore Read more

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Finn Wolfhard: “Before Stranger Things came out, every single thing featured the kid as the bait and that was kind of it.” Read more

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Bill Skarsgård is scarier than Tim Curry’s clown, but this film lacks the depth of Netflix’s Stranger Things Read more



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Adaptation of Stephen King's genre-hopping book series is little more than an overly expository franchise starter Read more


In anticipation of It and The Dark Tower, we rate the prolific horror author's many adaptations, including some you likely didn't know existed Read more

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It’s been a busy week at the theatre – here’s just one the latest openings Read more