Steven Zhou

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The “white genocide” messaging of the racist right has hit the mainstream, finding expression in both the anti-Muslim and alt-right movements – and many of its key figures are no longer hiding behind the veil of online anonymity Read more


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Paul Salvatori

For Canada’s lunatic fringe, finding common ground between racists, Islamophobes and rabid anti-Semites is proving a tall order Read more



Paul Salvatori

Conspiratorial coverage by mainstream media of violent events like last month's mass shooting in Greektown is increasingly giving voice to the anti-Muslim views of fringe groups Read more


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Steven Zhou

The so called "alt-right" have the internet to organize on; for anti-fascist groups slowing them down means the physical disruption of rallies when they do dare to show up in public Read more

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Steven Zhou

“We want to take on the foundation upon which the ideology of ISIS rests,” says Imam Azhar Hanif, National Vice-President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Organizers say that actions at Saturday rally are part of a recurring theme of police bias against anti-racist activists Read more

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Ethan Eisenberg

Canadian Council of Muslim Women campaign aims to challenge male-dominated interpretation of Islamic scripture Read more

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Paul Salvatori

Recent anti-Muslim protests organized by a tightly knit circle of far-right groups test Toronto's reputation for inclusion Read more

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TPL's fake news checklist has received more than 10,000 hits since it went live on its website last month Read more

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"The alt right is really a big tent term – not all people who are involved are white, which makes it easier to defend when people involved in their activities are accused of encouraging white supremacy." Read more

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“It’s not just Islamophobia, but sexual assault and domestic violence that are more of a threat to women – and not just in the Muslim community, but in society in general.” Read more

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Iftar dinner dedicated to the victims of Orlando shooting broadens conversation between communities Read more

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