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There are many issues for which his government can be criticized, but that’s irrelevant to the new breed of conservatives, who at heart are really outraged by Trudeau’s genuine social liberalism – and the fact that he is a Trudeau Read more


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#DivestTheGlobe, the Indigenous-led campaign that has grown out of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, claims another win in widening boycott of pipeline financiers Read more


Who hasn't likened the oil sands to Tolkien's mythical Mordor? Alberta's neocons apparently, who are calling for the ouster of environmentalist Tzeporah Berman from the province's advisory panel on the future of the oil sands Read more

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It remains unclear why Global TV managers were alarmed by my story about the billionaire Koch brothers. Is the future of investigative journalism begging for money online? Read more


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Still from video of December 7 action on Line 9 in the town of Ste-Justine-de-Newton on the Québec-Ontario border.

Many thought that resistance to Enbridge pipeline would dwindle after its approval, but Liberal promises to reform the National Energy Board has raised the tenacity of the opposition Read more


1.6 million barrels of oil per day have been delayed or put on hold Read more



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Author and climate change activist's latest project forges alliance between aboriginal groups and the union representing tar sands workers ahead of mass jobs, justice and climate rally July 5 Read more

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Zach Ruiter

Enbridge to begin shipping Alberta bitumen through its Line 9 pipeline as soon as next week despite the company's refusal to install safety shutoffs at water crossings and a First Nations lawsuit Read more

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But there's no mention of tougher tar sands regs. News flash: enviro groups are not impressed. Read more

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Few people know how central this country's oil riches have been to the U.S. Big Oil billionaires' vast fortune. Most of their tar sands holdings remain untouched, but that may soon change. Read more

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U.S. billionaire duo's huge stake in northern Alberta fields more than Conoco, Exxon and Chevron put together Read more


Artist's aerial photographs of the tar sands accompanied by diverging commentary from Elizabeth May to Ezra Levant Read more