43 North Productions

Kelley Raye

The Toronto-based production company is making and developing projects that reflect deeper, more thoughtful approaches to diversity Read more

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Radheyan Simonpillai

Director Ian Harnarine's father-son drama about the iconic street food snack is among 31projects to receive funding from Telefilm's Talent To Watch program Read more

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Disney Enterprises, Inc

The reboots aren't going anywhere, Disney will take on Netflix, and a crop of films from first-time Canadian feature directors is coming soon Read more

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Matt Johnson, whose criticism of Telefilm's funding system sparked them to invite him to develop a new model, discusses how it will work Read more

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Courtesy of TIFF

Funding agency Telefilm says 44 per cent of projects in the pipeline have female directors attached, but greater diversity across the board is still a big issue Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Polley enjoyed the humane feel on the set for the female-led Alias Grace production, but she says sexual harassment in film is an "every single day experience." Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2018 14 Comments

“We want to see women directing, producing and writing,” says Pigott, but we’re not “going to engage in a conversation about specific percentages.” Read more

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Globally, women are making big strides in the movie industry. But in Canada, we're lagging way behind. We talked to a group of fierce, frustrated filmmakers to find out why. Read more

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Courtesy of VICE

But wait... doesn't the show's Matt Johnson think the Toronto International Film Fest has serious problems? Why yes, yes he does. Read more

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Should films most likely to succeed get rewarded with tax dollars? Telefilm’s Dan Lyon and filmmakers Kazik Radwanski, Matt Johnson and Ingrid Veninger duke it out to a full house of industry members at Breakfast at TIFF event Read more

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Toronto filmmaking wunderkind skewers Telefilm, TIFF and Canadian film critics Read more

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