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She hasn't been afraid to cultivate her undeniable girl-next-door charm – or invite controversy – for the cause. Now, an escalating series of police raids that have shut down the Cannabis Culture chain of dispensaries she helped build may put her Read more

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Dooma Wendschuh plans to shake up the $1-billion booze industry with Province Brand's cannabis-powered drinks Read more

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Underground edibles market will feature approximately 30 craft vendors – and could lay the foundation for the future of legal distribution in Ontario Read more


Artisanal growers have helped develop dozens of specialized strains for everything from pain relief to getting comatose high Read more

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With any luck, Canadians will be able to legally grow recreational marijuana in their own backyards, maybe even by this spring with the feds expected to introduce legislation legalizing weed this week. Read more

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Roll a fat one and attend one of these green events in the spirit of cannabis culture Read more


If you think hemp dreams are limited to brownie recipes and tie-dye patterns, think again Read more

What the mayoral candidates have to say about cannabis. Read more


Medical marijuana strains Hayley's Comet and Charlotte's Web have saved epileptic children's lives in Canada and the U.S. The full extent of marijuana's healing power remains unknown. Read more


Danial Schecter has high hopes medpot clinic will help reluctant doctors understand weed's wonders Read more



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In a city where so much fun is regulated, pot-smoking lounges cautiously test legal limits Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

Bigger, better, higher, longer with “budder” Read more